Pioneering workshop on the resilience of complex engineering systems hosted at the University of Sheffield



On 18 January 2018, EPSRC’s MultiSim Frontier Engineering Award and the ENCORE network hosted a joint workshop that explored new ideas on how to use multi-scale modelling in complex engineering systems to improve resilience and function. The workshop was attended by over 50 leading engineers, statisticians, clinicians and early career researchers.

As engineering systems become more and more complex the physical properties of such systems at various space and time scales needs to be integrated together to understand them fully. In addition, the resilience of such systems has become even more critical when in operation or during their maintenance.

Delegates at the workshop discussed state-of-the-art modelling techniques for the whole performance of these complex systems. These modelling techniques take into account the multi-scale and transient nature of systems operating over time. The uncertainty in modelling such complex systems was also discussed.

The workshop provided researchers a platform to offer their views on the direction of the research, possibly influence future research and generate ideas for funding opportunities in complex engineering systems.

Professor Damien Lacroix, Director of MultiSim and Chair in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Sheffield said “For the first time we brought together, in the same room, researchers interested in a wide range of complex systems such as the biomechanics performance of the human body, the management of large national civil infrastructures, or the provision of energy to UK households. The event really shows that similar challenges and opportunities can be found in other disciplines and how we, as researchers, can get inspired by each other’s fields as a result of attending such workshops. The popularity of this event shows there is scope for turning this workshop into a regular local or national event.”

Professor Martin Mayfield,  Principal Investigator, ENCORE network said “This is exactly what ENCORE is for, bringing together different perspectives of complex systems to explore new opportunities to translate methods across domains and debate the opportunities to develop resilience in complex engineering systems through new hybrid methods of analysis and solution synthesis.  The outputs from the workshop will feed directly into our research agenda.”


Additional information 

MultiSim is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded Frontier Engineering programme awarded to The University of Sheffield to develop a multiscale modelling framework of the human musculoskeletal system.  MultiSim aims to generate computer simulations that help diagnosis and provide patient-specific treatment recommendations. In addition, to saving time and money, the new computer tools will provide a more reliable diagnosis of the disease, a better treatment, and a detailed prognosis and monitoring of the treatment. The final goal of such a programme is to improve patients’ quality of life.

Encore Network’s aim is to identify, develop and disseminate new methodologies to improve the resilience and sustainable performance of complex engineered systems. Initially, this will include Cities and National Infrastructure, ICT and Energy Infrastructure and Complex Products such as aerospace Engines and Space Launch and Recovery Systems. Later it will explore the inclusion of Nuclear Submarines, Power Stations and Battlefield Systems. 


To find out more about the topics discussed, take a look at the event agenda below.

A report of stakeholder discussions will be made available over the next few months. Subscribe to @multisimaward  on Twitter to be notified.


To find out more about the presentations and topics discuss take a look at the event agenda

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