Aban Shuaib

Aban’s multi-disciplinary research is at the interface between medicine, engineering and computational modelling. He is a part of the MultiSim project work-package 5, which focuses on modelling molecular and cellular events triggered when a cell is exposed to mechanical stimulation.

Cell biology is his main field of interest with intracellular signalling and communication as the focus. He is interested in modelling cell signalling and its networks computationally and verifying these models experimentally. Aban also has expertise in agent based-modelling (ABM) paradigm, he uses his knowledge in this area to examine the emergent behaviour at the system level from interactions of its main constituents. Aban’s PhD explored the effects of spatio-temporal regulatory elements on the activation dynamics of the mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway and how oscillatory behaviour emerge in the system.

He uses ABM to model mechanotransduction events and cell-cell interaction within bone tissue.  He collaborates with researchers on other work packages on work involving connecting models at the molecular, cellular and tissue scales in bone tissue.
Research interest:
Cell signalling
Molecular biology
Bone biomechanics
Drug discovery