Modelathon 2017-Combining experimental and computational research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting

Second Modelathon
Register for MultiSim's Modelathon 2017 an EPSRC funded symposium followed by a three-day modelling competition on combining experimental and computational research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting Date Monday - Thursday, 11-14 September 2017, Diamond Building, University of Sheffield Audience Researchers in biomechanics, computational modelling or image ba...

Neck muscle weakness due to motor neurone disease

Snood Study
 A MultiSim researcher  has been a part of a preliminary study on patients affected by neck muscle weakness due to motor neurone disease. Below is a summary of research by Silvia Pancani who is one of the authors of a paper on cervical orthoses published in Clinical Biomechanics. Background An orthosis is an externally applied device that is designed and fitted to the body...

Insigneo in partnership with three leading Scottish universities : SofTMech, a centre for multiscale soft tissue mechanics

SofTMech is a Centre for multiscale soft tissue mechanics funded by EPSRC under its Mathematical Sciences in healthcare programme. The centre is led by the University of Glasgow in partnership with University of St Andrews, Heriot Watt University and The University of Sheffield. SoftMech will accelerate the development of multiscale soft-tissue modelling by constructing a ge...

An overview of our research in biomechanics and mechanobiology by MultiSim’s Director Professor Lacroix

Professor Damien Lacroix, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the MultiSim project, talks about his research into biomechanics and mechanobiology. His research through the MultiSim project, focuses on understanding the effects of mechanical stimuli on cells and tissues within the body. The vision of this project is to develop and research a modelling framewo...

Focus of our Research

The two central ideas that the Frontier Engineering multi-scale project focus on are: a)      The development of a novel multi-scale model of the musculoskeletal system that describes the mechanobiological processes from the whole body (neuromuscular control and body dynamics) down to the cellular level (bone remodelling and mechanosensing); b)      The creation of a mult...


The Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine is a collaborative initiative between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is a multi-disciplinary institute involving over 130 academics and clinicians who collaborate to develop computer simulations of the human body and its disease processes that can be used directly in clinical pr...