Programme set to help more under-represented teenagers reach their potential

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that exists to increase the number of pupils from under-represented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities. They do this by mobilising the PhD community to share its academic expertise with state schools. Sofia, a PhD student on the MultiSim project at the University of Sheffield’s Insigneo Institute participat...

MultiSim’s collaboration with NC3Rs to reduce animal testing

University of Sheffield's researchers are trying to find ways to reduce animal testing in preclinical trials by using computer models and medical imaging. One application of this technology, also known as in silico methods, is to study the effect of skeletal diseases such as osteoporosis and its treatments. Using in silico methods, researchers conducted a longitudinal study ...

Journal of Biomechanics: Accuracy of synchrotron based digital volume correlation for bone tissue

MultiSim's Dr Enrico Dall'Ara  talks about his paper on the accuracy of synchrotron-based digital volume correlation for bone tissue. His research was featured on the homepage of the Journal of Biomechanics edition published in July 2017. Understanding bone mechanics at different hierarchical levels is fundamental to improve preclinical and clinical assessments of bone stren...

Find out how to progress your career as a multiscale PDRA

Training PDRAs at MultiSim
MultiSim has 12 post-doctoral researchers/research assistants (PDRAs). We interviewed this group to explore how they felt MultiSim has contributed to their professional development so far. The paragraphs below provide an overview of their feedback on the training opportunities we offer. Our interviews found that PDRAs actively seek new training opportunities and are self-aware ...

Sheffield: Alternatives to Research Requiring Rodents

The Sheffield event was attended by Dr Kasia Makowska, NC3Rs Press and Communications Officer: The event took place in a microbrewery, getting some curious looks from the beer-tasting tours. Dr Enrico Dall’Arra a researcher on the MultiSim project spoke about using a computer model, or a ‘digital mouse’, to better understand the mechanisms behind bone-related diseases. H...

A multiscale modelling competition recommended by researchers – Modelathon 2017

Winning team at Modelathon 2016
All of last year's participants felt they gained new skills from our MultiScale Modelling competition 'Modelathon' and would recommend it to a friend*. Find out more.... To register and find out more about this year's event visit our webpage: Modelathon 2017     The challenge explained At the 2016 Modelathon, participants were asked to design ad...

MultiSim’s participation at the International & European Society of Biomechanics

We are pleased to announce our participation at the prestigious Congress of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB)  the largest gathering of experts in the field of biomechanics. It presents a wonderful opportunity for our researchers to receive feedback and have engaging discussions in niche research areas and an opportunity to kick-start potential collaborations....

Modelathon 2017-Combining experimental and computational research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting

Second Modelathon
Day 1 Instructions for all participants Symposium on combining experimental and computation research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting  A dialogue between clinicians, engineers and modellers. Workshop organiser Professor Damien Lacroix, Chair in Biomedical Engineering, Insigneo Institute, University of Sheffield.  Our symposium on day-one explores how mult...