Research on Digital volume correlation (DVC)

Strain uncertainties from two digital volume correlation approaches in prophylactically augmented vertebrae A newly developed technique called digital volume correlation (DVC) can be used to access the internal deformation of heterogeneous materials and structures. DVC has been exploited over the past decade to measure complex deformation fields within biological tissues, suc...

A new approach to measuring strain in bones

Evaluating the deformation field in bones under loading is very important to better understand the effect of pathologies or treatments with biomaterials. Unfortunately due to a bone heterogeneous and complex structure, the experimental measurement of bone specimens in the laboratory is not trivial, and current methods are limited to analyses on the surface of the bone. The Di...

Neck muscle weakness due to motor neurone disease

Snood Study
 A MultiSim researcher  has been a part of a preliminary study on patients affected by neck muscle weakness due to motor neurone disease. Below is a summary of research by Silvia Pancani who is one of the authors of a paper on cervical orthoses published in Clinical Biomechanics. Background An orthosis is an externally applied device that is designed and fitted to the body...