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The MultiSim project is based at the Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine,  The University of Sheffield

For general queries about MultiSim please  contact Dr Norman Powell, MultiSim Project Manager, email

To contact a specific member of the MultiSim project take a look at our MultiSim team page


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Our postal address is:

Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine
Room F19 – F Floor
The Pam Liversidge Building
Corner of Broad Lane and Newcastle Street
Sheffield, S1 3JD

Directions within Pam Liversidge Building 

The Pam Liversidge Building now has its own entrance on Newcastle Street just off Broad Lane (see image). You will enter on A-Floor. The stairs and lifts are to the left of the entrance. This entrance is open access between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, Monday – Friday and there is a staffed facilities assistant desk within these hours.

Alternatively, you may enter/exit via Hadfield Building main entrance and then follow signs for the Pam Liversidge Building.

Travel information to the University 

 A map of the campus is available at

Travel information and maps can be found at

By car

We recommend that, unless you know the city well, when travelling from the north, east and south you should approach Sheffield by the M1 (and M18 if necessary). From the west, use the M60 and A628 Woodhead Pass, following the signs for Sheffield. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest map updates for your satellite navigation system before you travel.

A map of the campus is available at

Car parking

The nearest car park is Q carpark on Rockingham Street can be obtained

By tram

Trams link the railway station and the city centre directly to the University (nearest stop, West Street). The tram stop is located at the back of the railway station. Trams from the station to the University run on the Blue route (destination Malin Bridge).

Trams from the city centre to the University run on both the Blue route and the Yellow route (destination Middlewood).

By bus

Buses to the University are frequent and inexpensive. From the railway station and coach station you can take the number 120. The nearest stop is near Tescos, West Street Other buses from the city centre include the 51 and 52. The following buses stop at – or near – the main University campus: 10, 30, 51, 52, 95, 120, 273, 274 and 505.