Discover Mag Features Modelathon

Discover magazine opens the door to innovation and invention, inspiring future collaborations and celebrating existing partnerships. Discover has just released Issue 06 and features the Multisim Modelathon.

The Modelathon is being held at the Ridge, Ranmoor Village, Sheffield and will run from Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th August 2015. There is set to be a great attendance at the event with PhD students and Post-Doc researchers joining the Modelathon from all over the world. Participants have experience in the areas of biomechanics, computational modelling and image-based computer simulations, so competition will be tough.

This will be amazing chance for the participants to not only work as part of a team – collaboratively overcoming specific multiscale modelling obstacles, but learn new skills and make new friends along the way. There is also a £100 Amazon voucher up for grabs for each member of the winning team – so it’s game on for the competing teams!

As we begin our final countdown to the Modelathon this article comes at a great time to build momentum into our ground breaking event. If you would like to read the latest edition of Discover click HERE.