Professor Claudia Mazzà

Claudia Mazza

Prof Mazzà received her PhD in Bioengineering in 2004 from the University of Bologna. She carried out her PhD and post-doc related research activities at the Department of Human Movement Sciences at the University of Rome, where she was appointed as Assistant Professor from Jan 2006 to Jan 2013. She joined the University of Sheffield as a lecturer in Feb 2013. Her research is focused on human movement analysis and on the definition of quantitative methods for the clinical assessment of an individual locomotor and postural ability.

Her most recent work concerns the use of wearable inertial sensors and the mechanisms that rule upper body movements during walking.

Prof Mazzà is the Director of MultiSim and leader of Work Package 2. Body Model and is also a member of Work Package 1. Environment Modelling, Work Package 6. Non-Linear Complex System, Work Package 7. Animal Study and Work Package 8. Clinical Study.

You can read more about Prof Mazzà here.