Focus of our Research

Model Spine PhotographThe two central ideas that the Frontier Engineering multi-scale project focus on are:

a)      The development of a novel multi-scale model of the musculoskeletal system that describes the mechanobiological processes from the whole body (neuromuscular control and body dynamics) down to the cellular level (bone remodelling and mechanosensing);

b)      The creation of a multi-scale model from a partially identified input obtained by fusing a generic atlas of the anatomy, physiology, biology, and biomechanics for each individual.

This framework will be integrated in an efficient hypermodelling approach, numerically optimised at each scale level. It is this integrative and holistic approach that makes this project truly transformative.

Once fully realised, such a multi-scale framework will enable (i) deployment of specialised implementations such as decision-support systems for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment planning and monitoring for specific skeletal diseases such as lower back pain, osteoporosis, bone tumours and secondary metastases and osteoarthritis; (ii) implementation of in silico clinical trials for new orthopaedic and tissue engineering implants, including modelling the variability of populations which will provide a more accurate pre-clinical assessment for musculoskeletal devices and better prediction of the clinical outcomes of these new devices; (iii) optimised interventions with respect to physical activity in high socioeconomic impact conditions such as obesity, ageing, disabilities, and chronic diseases, and assistive and rehabilitative technologies for neuromuscular deficits.