Gianluca Ascolani


Dr Gianluca Ascolani is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the Proof of Concept project for Work Pacakge 5- Cell Model of the MultiSim project at the University of Sheffield. He received his doctorate in Physics from the University of North Texas (USA) at the Center for Nonlinear Science on complex systems and anomalous diffusion. He worked for the CNRS at the University of Paris XI (France) on migration of cancer cells and exclusion processes, and he was a Research Associate at the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge (UK) where he focused on cell signaling and pathways analysis.

Gianluca joined the MultiSim project since 2017 to study the effects of parathyroid hormone at the molecular and cellular scale on bone remodelling. To simulate the cascade of signals driving the dynamics of cells he uses Agent Based Modeling and Cellular Automata.


Dr Ascolani is working on Work Package 5 – Cell Model.

Research Interests:

Time signals and events analysis

Cell-to-cell interaction

Stem cells and cell commitment

Pathaway analysis

Bone remodelling