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The musculoskeletal system gives humans the ability to walk, run and move. It provides support, stability and movement something that most of us take for granted. The musculoskeletal system is made up of numerous components including; the skeleton, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints and tissue. But with so many aspects making up the musculoskeletal system it means that there are more areas in which health problems can arise.

Image from Tyler's Musculoskeletal System Website
Image via Tyler’s Musculoskeletal System Website

Musculoskeletal disorders include; lower back pain, osteoporosis, bone tumours, secondary metastases and osteoarthritis and living with disorders such as these can have a serious effect on how patients’ live their lives. Patients will notice an impact on physical activities that make up the day to day running of everyday life. From cleaning the house to the weekly food shop and in extreme cases, social activities and employment are all areas that can be seriously affected.

Our research aims to generate a computational platform that will manage musculoskeletal disorders, generating patient specific diagnosis and treatment. It will allow better predictions of the benefits to the patient, improvements in the quality of life and also help with decision making for individual patients. It will look at individuals in respect to levels of physical activity, high socioeconomic impact conditions such as obesity, ageing, disabilities, and chronic diseases, and assistive and rehabilitative technologies for neuromuscular deficits.