Ivan Benemerito

Ivan Benemerito

Ivan graduated from  Sapienza University of Rome with a  BSc in Aerospace Engineering.  His undergraduate thesis researched an aerospace application of Optimal Control of ODE.

Ivan then decided to pursue studies in a masters Mathematical Engineering program offered at University of Rome Tor Vergata.

While completing his masters,  Ivan spent some time at the Zuse Institut in Berlin as an Erasmus student. During this placement, he started his masters thesis. The main topic of his research was surgical application of Mathematics, but this also gave him the opportunity to deepen his knowledge in Continuum Mechanics and Optimal Control of PDE.

Ivan graduated, with a distinction, and worked for a few months as Integration Engineer at Ericsson Telecommunication until he was offered a PhD studentship at The University of Sheffield. His research topic is “Multiscale modelling of Musculoskeletal System between Body and Organ Levels”. During the course of his PhD he will be researchering  the mechanics of the cartilage in the hip, developing multiscale modelling techniques for determining the joint contact pressure distribution.

Ivan is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield working on Work Package 6. Non-Linear Complex System.