Journal of Biomechanics: Accuracy of synchrotron based digital volume correlation for bone tissue

MultiSim’s Dr Enrico Dall’Ara  talks about his paper on the accuracy of synchrotron-based digital volume correlation for bone tissue. His research was featured on the homepage of the Journal of Biomechanics edition published in July 2017.

Understanding bone mechanics at different hierarchical levels is fundamental to improve preclinical and clinical assessments of bone strength. Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) is the only experimental measurement technique used for measuring local displacements and calculating local strains within bones. To date, it is mainly based on images acquired with standard micro-computed tomography that can be installed in every laboratory. While the uncertainties of this method based on such images are good in measuring local displacements, its precision in measuring deformations is still low, limiting its application. An alternative to improve the precision of this method could be improving the resolution of the input images, for example by acquiring them with synchrotron radiation micro-computed tomography.

In this study, we evaluated the precision of DVC if based on images of bones acquired at the Diamond Light Source, only Synchrotron facility available in the UK. Different types of bones (cortical and trabecular bovine bone and murine tibiae) were each scanned repeatedly with excellent resolution (1.6 micrometres in voxel size). The uncertainties of a global DVC algorithm (ShIRT-FE) developed in Sheffield were evaluated for both displacement and strain measurements. The results showed a great improvement of the precision of the method when compared to previous DVC measurements, for all bone types. This study shows for the first time that the uncertainties of DVC based on Synchrotron light high-resolution scans are low enough to measure accurately the local deformation at the tissue level and to use this information to validate computational models that aim to predict bone deformation at that dimensional level.

Link to article:

Local displacement and strain uncertainties in different bone types by digital volume correlation of synchrotron microtomograms (Journal of Biomechanics) M. Palanca, A. J. Bodey, M. Giorgi, M. Viceconti, D. Lacroix, L. Cristofolinia, E. Dall’Ara