Mechanical Engineering News – Issue 6 Out Now!

Mechanical Engineering NewsThe department of Mechanical Engineering’s 6th quarterly newsletter is out now, and features a great report on MultiSim’s upcoming Modelathon.

The MultiSim Modelathon is one of the key engagement events for the MultiSim project and will be held at The Ridge over 3 days. Based on the concept of a ‘Hackathon’ where different teams work together to ‘hack’ a computer code; instead teams will compete in ‘modelling’ a solution to a challenging multiscale biomechanical problem within the musculoskeletal system using state-of-the-art techniques and software.

This unique, competitive problem solving approach to multiscale modelling will bring together the next generation of multiscale modellers including; PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers, working in the area of Biomechanics or image-based computer simulations, from across the UK and internationally.

Working within a group setting, participants will be interacting with like-minded individual, collaboratively striving to overcome specific multiscale modelling obstacles.

The Modelathon participants will be able to hear presentations from software companies and multiscale modelling experts including; Smith and Nephew (medical device manufacturer), Ansys (software provider) the Modelathon key sponsor Simpleware and many others.

This is a must read to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the Mechanical Engineering department here at The University of Sheffield. To read the latest edition online please click HERE.

To find out more information on MultiSim and the Modelathon please click HERE, Or, you can email Jaye Taylor on You can also follow us on Twitter @MultiSimAward for up to the minute news and announcements.