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Michael Hounslow, PVC - Engineering, University of Sheffield
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Meet the team
Title NameWork Package Role E-mail
ProfessorAleksandar PavicWP1 - Environment
MsErica MontefioriWP2 - Body
Mr Bart Van VeenWP2 - Body ModelPhD
MrMichael WoodwardWP2 - Body ModelYear in Industry
ProfessorMarco VicecontiWP3 & WP4 - Organ
Dr Xinshan LiWP3 - Organ ModelResearch
Dr Muhammad QasimWP3 - Organ ModelResearcher and Data  
MsZainab Ak Al TaiWP3 - Organ ModelPhD
Ms Christobel GondweWP4 - Tissue ModelPhD
ProfessorTim SkerryWP5 - Cell
Dr Aban ShuaibWP5 - Cell ModelResearcher and Data Curator
DrGianluca AscolaniWP5 - Cell ModelProof of Concept Researcher
Dr Lingzhong GuoWP6 - Nonlinear complex systemsLeader and Data  
ProfessorVisakan KadirkamanathanWP6 - Nonlinear complex systemsCo-WP6
DrYuzhu GuoWP6 - Nonlinear complex
Dr Yang ZhangWP6 - Nonlinear complex
DrAnastasia KadochnikovaWP6 - Nonlinear complex
Mr Ivan BenemeritoWP6 - Nonlinear complex systemsPhD
DrEnrico Dall’AraWP7 - Animal
Dr Mario GiorgiWP7 - Animal StudyResearcher and Data
Ms Sara OlivieroWP7 - Animal StudyPhD
Dr Sahand Zanjani PourWP7 - Animal StudyProof of Concept Researcher
ProfessorEugene McCloskeyWP8 - Clinical
Dr Margaret PaggiosiWP8 - Clinical StudyResearch Leader and Data
Dr Barbara KalkmanWP8 - Clinical
Dr Pinaki BhattacharyaWP8 - Clinical StudyResearcher and Data Curator
MrWilliam GriffithsWP8 - Clinical StudySoftware
Mr Ben HughesWP9 - Hypermodelling FrameworkSoftware/Hardware
DrSachin PrabhuWP9 - Hypermodelling FrameworkProof of Concept Researcher
Dr Norman PowellWP10 - Project Management OfficeProject
MrSachin AnandWP10 - Project Management OfficeCommunications