The MultiSim Modelathon: Do you want to test your limits?

Modelathon Light Bulb
Have that light bulb moment – at the MultiSim Modelathon

Do you want to test your limits? Then the MultiSim Modelathon could be for you.

The University of Sheffield is the proud holder of an EPSRC Frontier Engineering Award, namely MultiSim: Modelling Complex and Partially Identified Engineering Problems – Application to the Individualised Multiscale Simulation of the Musculoskeletal System. This ambitious programme aims to develop a modelling framework that, whilst focusing on the human body, is a generic platform that can be used to address multiscale challenges in other engineering domains.

One of the key engagement events for MultiSim will be a three day ‘Modelathon’ (derived from a software hackathon), to be held at the Ridge in Sheffield on Monday 24th August until Wednesday 26th August 2015. This unique, competitive problem solving approach to multiscale modelling will bring together the next generation of multiscale modellers including; PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers, from across the UK and Europe. They will get the chance to collaborate intensively on a specific problem, with the goal of overcoming a particular obstacle in multiscale modelling.

The workshop starts with a welcome lunch on Monday, followed by presentations from software companies and experts in multiscale modelling introducing the teams to the problem and the software available.

After talks on the Monday, participants will be divided into teams of between eight and ten. During this time and all day Tuesday each team goes to their allocated workspace to discuss and start to solve the multiscale modelling problem. Experts will be on hand to answer questions, give advice and provide a focus for the team’s ideas.

Oral presentations before a panel of experts will take place on the Wednesday morning. Each team is allocated 15 minutes for the presentation to explain their strategy whether successful or not and 5 minutes for questions. There is an exciting prize up for grabs for the winning team.

The Modelathon is open to all PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers working in the area of multiscale modelling. The event will be limited to 50 people so interested must be registered quickly – the registration deadline is 1st April 2015 and feedback will be given to the successful applicants no later than 15th April 2015

The MultiSim Modelathon will bring together the next generation of multiscale modellers in engineering and drive the translation to other engineering fields – providing the chance to really push themselves in their chosen area of discipline.

If you would like further information about the Modelathon event then please email Jaye Taylor at: You can also follow us on Twitter for up to the minute news and announcements.