MultiSim PhD Student is amongst the best in 3 minutes!

SofiaThis year, for the first time, the University of Sheffield challenged all postgraduate researchers to take part in the national Three Minute Thesis competition. The task in hand was simple, “You’re passionate about your research, but can you pass on that enthusiasm to an audience of non-specialists?”

Our very own MultiSim PhD student, Ana Sofia dos Santos Leite Ferreira, who is co-supervised by Dr Dawn Walker and Prof Damien Lacroix, reached the University Final of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition which took place on Monday 8th June. She represented the Faculty of Engineering, along with one other student. We asked Sofia what it meant to be involved in the final of 3MT;

“I do believe that if we fully understand something we should be able to explain it to others using simple words. Every time we are giving a speech we should think about our main message, the reason why we are giving it in the first place and the action we are expecting from our audience. I am happy that I joined the 3MT and reached the University final. I think the level was high and I learned from others. It really is a good exercise, allows us to step back, see the big picture and appreciate it, reminding us of the reason why we are doing the research that we are. This increases our motivation. I strongly recommend it to other PhD students.”

Public engagement is a crucial part of academic research, irrespective of your discipline; by taking part in the University of Sheffield’s Three Minute Thesis researchers have the opportunity to take their research into the wider community, raising their academic profile locally, nationally and even internationally. As well as competing against other researchers to represent the University at the UK final of Three Minute Thesis in September, researchers will also be competing for a University prize of up to £750 to spend on a conference or other professional development activity.

Find out more about the Three Minute Thesis Competition HERE.

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