MultiSim2 Launch

MultiSim2 Project Team and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Left to Right:
Dr Joel Mitchelson, Codamotion (SAB),
Dr Richard Mead, Neuroscience, University of Sheffield (SAB),
Dr Bryant Roberts, Oncology and Metabolism (Researcher),
Prof Claudia MazzĂ , Mechanical Engineering (Principal Investigator) ,
Dr Xinshan Li, Mechanical Engineering (Co-Investigator),
Dr Enrico Dall’ara, Oncology and Metabolism (Researcher),
Prof Ilse Jonkers, KU Leuven (SAB),
Dr Erica Montefiori, Mechanical Engineering (Researcher),
Dr Vee San Cheong, Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (Researcher),
Will Griffiths, Mechanical Engineering (Software Developer),
William Henson, Mechanical Engineering (PhD Student)

MultiSim2 was officially launched on Tuesday, 10th September.

Dr Tom Jenkins
Dr Tom Jenkins, Neuroscience, University of Sheffield

The launch began with open seminar provided by Dr Tom Jenkins, a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consult Neurologist from the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN), who described his work modelling pathophysiological mechanisms in motor neuron disease using MRI.

The MultiSim2 team then described the Clinical and Pre-clinical workflows that had developed been developed through MultiSim to the Scientific Advisory board and how these would be further developed by taking account of the muscles in their models in MultiSim2.