A new approach to measuring strain in bones

Evaluating the deformation field in bones under loading is very important to better understand the effect of pathologies or treatments with biomaterials.
Unfortunately due to a bone heterogeneous and complex structure, the experimental measurement of bone specimens in the laboratory is not trivial, and current methods are limited to analyses on the surface of the bone.
The Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) approach applied to repeated high-resolution scans of the specimens can measure the strain distribution inside bone structures but researchers need to learn more about its precision in case of natural and treated bones.
In this study the authors including Enrico Dall’Ara of the MultiSim project evaluated the precision of two independent DVC approaches when applied five natural porcine vertebrae. The authors also tested the methods for measurements of strain in porcine vertebrae where a clinical biomaterial used to treat the vertebrae was injected.
Their  study clearly showed that, when sufficient care is dedicated to preliminary methodological work, different DVC computation approaches allow measuring the strain in natural and treated bones with an acceptable error.


Find out more about this publication in the Journal of Biomechanics