PDRA progression: post-doc to lecturer in just 2.5 years!

Congratulations to Dr Erfan Shahabpoor, a PDRA on the MultiSim project, who after working with us for two and a half years has progressed to a lectureship at the University of Bath. Erfan shares his experience of working at MultiSim and how our project helped his speedy career progression.

“The Multisim project was my first stop after obtaining my Ph.D. This project challenged me to step outside my comfort zone of civil engineering and apply my skills set to medical research.

I felt strongly supported during my transition from civil engineering to medical research on both a technical and personal level.

The information, advice and encouragement, and support from my supervisor made me confident in seeking out the necessary skills to carve out an ‘alternative’ career. My new career sits at the intersection of system identification; computational modelling with biomechanics; and human movement.

The Faculty and staff involved in MultiSim provide excellent professional development opportunities to researchers. They set the tone for scientific excellence and professional rigor at an international level in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. I found everyone was eager to share their expertise, and support me by providing access to cutting-edge experimental facilities and a wide network of national and international experts.

I found activities such as the ‘Modelathon’ and the ‘Multisim proof-of-concept project’ most constructive and I feel they significantly contributed to my successful and rewarding experience as a part of the Multisim project.

I feel all these experiences cumulatively helped towards successfully obtaining a permanent academic position at the University of Bath, which is one of the leading research universities in the field of biomechanics.  My speedy progression from an early career researcher to a lecturer, in just two and a half years is in itself a testimony to the quality of work and support provided by the project.”

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