Precision of Digital Volume Correlation Approaches

University of Sheffield’s researchers are improving the assessment of deformation in bone tissue using “Digital Volume Correlation” (DVC) approach that is considered a state-of-the-art image-processing technique.



This research aims to improve our knowledge about bone fracture mechanism.

Particularly focusing on the bone fracture mechanism due to bone and joint diseases such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis and novel treatments.

DVC allows to measure the full field of deformation of a particular bone specimen. The bone specimen is subjected to a certain loading condition, and then the resulting deformation is observed by combining high resolution three-dimensional imaging and complex image processing.  However, in order to fully understand the potential of this novel technique in different applications, we need to evaluate its measurement accuracy.

Dr Enrico Dall’Ara of the MultiSim project, based at the University of Sheffield’s Insigneo Institute, in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Portsmouth and the University of Bologna have assessed the precision of this method over the past years in different applications. This manuscript summarises the obtained results.


Full Text

Dall’Ara, E., Peña-Fernández, M., Palanca, M., Giorgi, M., Cristofolini, L., Tozzi, G., Precision of DVC approaches for strain analysis 1 in bone imaged with μCT at different dimensional levels Frontiers in Materials:Mechanics of Materials (2017), 4, Article 31

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