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AuthorsPaper TitleJournal
Shahabpoor, E., Pavic, A., Racic, V. Identification of mass-spring-damper model of walking humans.Structures (2015), 5, pp 233-246
Pancani, S., Rowson, J., Tindale, W., Heron, N., Langley, J., McCarthy, A. D., Quinn, A., Reed, H., Stanton A., Shaw, P. J., McDermott, C. J., Mazzà, C.Assessment of the Sheffield Support Snood, an innovative cervical orthosis designed for people affected by neck muscle weaknessClinical Biomechanics (2015), 32, pp 201-206
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Dall’Ara, E., Grabowski, P., Zioupos, P., Viceconti, M.Estimation of local anisotropy of plexiform bone: Comparison between depth sensing micro-indentation and Reference Point IndentationJournal of Biomechanics (2015), 48 (15), pp 4073-4080
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Guo Y., Guo, L. Z., Billings, S. A., Wei, H. L.Ultra-Orthogonal Forward Regression Algorithms for the Identification of Non-Linear Dynamic SystemsNeurocomputing (2016), 173 (3), pp 715-723
Venuti, F., Racic, V., Corbetta, A.Modelling framework for dynamic interaction between multiple pedestrians and vertical vibrations of footbridgesJournal of Sound and Vibration (2016), 379, pp 245-263
Shahabpoor, E., Pavic, A., Racic, V. Interaction between Walking Humans and Structures in Vertical Direction: A Literature ReviewShock and Vibration (2016), 2016, 22 pages
Dall'Ara, E., Eastell, R., Viceconti, M., Pahr, D., Yang, L.Experimental Validation of DXA-based Finite Element models for prediction of femoral strengthJournal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (2016), 63, pp 17-25
Del Din, S., Godfrey, A., Mazzà, C., Lord, S., Rochester, L.Free-living monitoring of Parkinson's disease: Lessons from the fieldMovement Disorders (2016), 31 (9), pp 1293-1313
Shahabpoor, E., Pavic, A. Human-Structure Dynamic Interaction during Short-Distance Free FallsShock and Vibration (2016), 2016, 22 pages
Bocian, M., Brownjohn, J. M. W., Racic, V., Hester, D., Quattrone, A., Monnickendam,R.A framework for experimental determination of localised vertical pedestrian forces on full-scale structures using wireless attitude and heading reference systemsJournal of Sound and Vibration (2016), 376, pp 217-243
Chen, Y., Dall'Ara, E., Sales, E., Manda, K., Wallace, R., Pankaj, P., Viceconti, M.Micro-CT based finite element models of cancellous bone predict accurately displacement computed by elastic registration: A validation studyJournal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (2017), 65, pp 644-651
Giorgi, M., Verbruggen, S. W., Lacroix, D.In silico bone mechanobiology: Modelling a multi-faceted biological systemWIREs Systems Biology and Medicine (2016), 8 (6), pp 485-505
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Lamberto, G., Martelli, S., Cappozzo, A., Mazzà, C.To what extent is joint and muscle mechanics predicted by musculoskeletal models sensitive to soft tissue artefacts?Journal of Biomechanics (2016), Available online 24 August 2016
Hannah, I., Sawacha, Z., Guiotto, A., Mazzà, C.Relationship between sagittal plane kinematics, foot morphology and vertical forces applied to three regions of the footInternational Biomechanics (2016), 3 (1), pp 50-56
Qasim, M., Farinella, G., Zhang, J., Li, X., Yang, L., Eastell, R., Viceconti, M.Patient-Specific Finite Element Estimated Femur Strength as a Predictor of the Risk of Hip Fracture: The Effect of Methodological DeterminantsOsteoporosis International (2016), 27 (9), pp 2815-2822
Shahabpoor, E., Pavic, A., Racic, V., Zivanovic, S.Effect of group walking traffic on dynamic properties of pedestrian structuresJournal of Sound and Vibration (2017), 387, pp 207-225
Lu, Y., Boudiffa, M., Dall'Ara, E., Bellantuono, I., Viceconti, M.Development of a protocol to quantify local bone adaptation over space and time: Quantification of reproducibilityJournal of Biomechanics (2016), 49 (10), pp 2095-2099
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Hannah I., Montefiori E., Modenese L., Prinold, J., Viceconti M., Mazzà C. Sensitivity of a juvenile subject-specific musculoskeletal model of the ankle joint to the variability of operator dependent inputProceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine
Pizzolato C., Reggiani M., Saxby D.J., Ceseracciu E., Modenese L., Lloyd D.GBiofeedback for gait retraining based on real-time estimation of tibiofemoral joint contact forcesIEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering (2017), 25 (9), pp 1612-1621
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