Researchers successfully tackle a multiscale Osteoarthritis challenge – Modelathon 2018

Participants and Facilitators at Modelathon 2018

The MultiSim, OATech+ Modelathon 2018 took place 17 – 20 September 2017 at the Diamond Building, Sheffield and aimed to provide an opportunity to discuss, network, and practise multi-scale research modelling skills through a hackathon competition with industry software and hands-on support from modelling experts. Modelathon 2018 was attended by 15 multi-scale researchers from a number of leading research-intensive universities.  This year MultiSim partnered with OATech+ to deliver a Osteoarthritis-based challenge: Can we predict the best approach to fix an osteoarthritic hip joint?

Here is a selection of quotes from our event’s participants on their experience this year.

Dr Enrico Dall’Ara, MultiSim, Work Package Leader and Modelathon Leader commented:

“I was delighted to see the passion and hard work that the participants put into the Modelathon this year. The solutions proposed by the teams to solve the complex multi-scale computational challenge were of high quality. It is amazing what they achieved in so little time.  I am very pleased, especially considering that these PhD students and PostDocs will be the next generation leaders in computational musculoskeletal research. Looking forward to Modelathon 2019!”

100% of respondents to our feedback survey said they would recommend the Modelathon event to a friend.

Keep a look out for details of the Modelathon 2019.

Clint Davies Taylor

Director SIMULIA Academic Programs EMEAR, Dassault Systemes

Dassault Systèmes has supported the MultiSim Modelathon since its inception in 2015. This year’s theme is very much aligned with one of our long-term goals – to leverage computational research in the multi-scale modelling of osteoarthritic joints to improve patient outcomes. The Modelathon brings together the brightest PhD and PostDoc Researchers from around the world, future leaders in their fields, to compete in teams against one another to solve a complex multi-scale modelling problem. This is as an excellent opportunity to provide participants with a leading portfolio of software to help them reach their goal and, ultimately, that they will use in the future. My role during the event is to support participants with my knowledge of the software and my experience in the Life Sciences industry. I personally provided the support for each of the Modelathons to date, and I continue to be inspired and excited to see how the teams work together to tackle the challenges. The Modelathon is a unique and inspirational event, and we are keen to help it flourish.

Matt Howard

Corporate Application Engineer, Synopsys

The Modelathon presents an exciting and rewarding opportunity for future industry influencers to collaborate on the cutting edge of biomechanical modelling and simulation.

Zainab Altai

Researcher, University of Sheffield, University of Sheffield

It was a great experience being part of one of the teams at the Modelathon 2018. Tackling a multiscale problem from body level to tissue level makes me realize how much it is important to think in abroad way in order to translate research into clinical practice. Working with many researches of different expertise was, not only very exciting but also, a fantastic opportunity for sharing knowledge and engaging with people in the field of different academic background. There was a great support and guidance from the IT team and modelling experts during the challenge.

Therefore,I would highly recommend anyone in the multiscale modelling community to participate in such event.

Lucinda Evans

PhD Student, Royal Veterinary Collage

I would say it was an intensely challenging, rewarding and enjoyable course which was as much improved by the people met as the new techniques learned.

Karol Lewandowski

Ph.D Student, University of Glasgow

Modelathon was an amazing opportunity for me not only to test my ability to work in a team environment, but also use my expertise in computational mechanics to solve a complex multiscale problem in short amount of time. The support offered throughout the competition by the software experts and Insigneo, was very insightful and helped me enhance my knowledge in numerical modelling. I have also had to chance to network with researchers with different expertise, with whom I hope to collaborate in the future. Overall, the event was remarkably well organised, and I would definitely recommend it!

Shreya Barlingay

MSc Student, University of Sheffield

Some experiences leave you imbibed with knowledge, one such experience was the Modelathon! Not only was it a way of learning and showcasing your skills but also to meet brilliant minds from Ansys, Dassault Systems and Synopsys! Indeed a great opportunity!