Sheffield: Alternatives to Research Requiring Rodents

 Speakers at the Sheffield Pint of Science: Kinga Kosim, Sindhu Naik, Dr Enrico Dall’Arra and Professor Steven Renshaw. Dr Enrcio Dall’Ara  is a member of the MultiSim project.

The Sheffield event was attended by Dr Kasia Makowska, NC3Rs Press and Communications Officer:

The event took place in a microbrewery, getting some curious looks from the beer-tasting tours. Dr Enrico Dall’Arra a researcher on the MultiSim project spoke about using a computer model, or a ‘digital mouse’, to better understand the mechanisms behind bone-related diseases. He showed how the computer modelling can allow for more accurate measurements, improve translation to humans and reduce the number of animals used in musculoskeletal research.

Kinga Kosim and Sindhu Naik, PhD Students in Biomedicine and Engineering, gave an interesting talk about the potential of using organs-on-chips as human-relevant disease models.

Last but not least, Professor Steven Renshaw from the Bateson Centre spoke about the benefits of using non-mammalian models such as zebrafish larvae. He showed some impressive imaging of the larvae and how they can be used in a variety of assays, to study development, gene activity, behaviour and more.

All talks were followed by rounds of great Q&As. In the intervals, the audience was entertained by hands-on presentations, science busking, and a scientific quiz with prizes!