Success at tackling multi-scale problems: Modelathon 2017

The MultiSim Modelathon 2017 took place 11 – 14 September 2017 at the Diamond Building, Sheffield and aimed to provide an opportunity to discuss, network, and practise multi-scale research modelling skills through a hackathon competition with industry software and hands-on support from modelling experts. Modelathon 2017 was attended by 26 multi-scale researchers from a number of leading research-intensive universities.  Here is a selection of quotes from our event’s participants on their experience this year.

Professor Lacroix, Director of MultiSim commented, “The Modelathon has been a great success where once again early-career researchers were able to tackle a multi-scale problem using new computational models developed within MultiSim. I am delighted to see that the Modelathon event can teach the next generation of leaders on how to solve complex biomechanical research in a collaborative manner”.
100% of respondents to our feedback survey said they would recommend the Modelathon event to a friend and attend again. 

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Clint Davies Taylor

Sales Director, Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes has supported the MultiSim Modelathon since its inception. This year’s theme is very much aligned with one of our long-term goals – to leverage computational research to reduce the need for in-vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting. The Modelathon is a unique and inspirational event, and we are keen to help it flourish.

Dr Matt Nixon

Corporate Application Engineer, Simpleware Software​

It was great to represent Synopsys at the Modelathon 2017. Synopsys was one of the sponsors at the event and provided access to Simpleware – this is a software suite used to process 3D images and convert them into simulation-ready FE/CFD meshes. During the event, I provided participants with advice about the image processing and model generation aspects of the challenges, and ensured that everybody – both new and current Simpleware users alike – were using the software to its full potential. The Modelathon challenges were very well designed and it was interesting to observe the different approaches and creative solutions employed by each team.

Pavlos Silvestros

PhD student, University of Bath

As a new researcher I am very glad I attended this event early on in my PhD studies. I found the idea of multi-scale modelling and the vision of research groups in this area of research eye-opening. I will certainly aim to follow in a similar direction with my research.
It was very exciting to see other researchers with different expertise work together in teams and come up with a variety of approaches to solve our assigned problem within two days. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn outside my comfort zone, meet and collaborate with colleagues in the field.


Maria Cristiana Costa

Phd Student, University of Sheffield

It was a good experience being at this year’s Modelathon competition. We worked hard to solve our  assigned problem by integrating different modelling approaches coming from musculoskeletal, finite element analysis and haemodynamic fields. The event was very well organised.  The support and guidance given by software experts from industry and Insigneo was very helpful. If you work with computational models, the Modelathon is a very interesting challenge. It makes us think in a broader way, especially how things connect and affect, from the body to the tissue scale which may give us more confidence to start developing more multidisciplinary research projects. It is something that I would recommend to all of my friends in the multi-scale research community.

Rossana Schipani

Phd Student, Trinity College Dublin

I feel this experience provided me with a deep insight into how feasible it is to translate research into clinical practice. It was amazing how people that didn’t know each other beforehand and with different academic backgrounds have been able to effectively combine their skills in such a short amount of time. The technical support provided by the industrial partners and the IT team was very useful as well. Not only have I had the chance to network with very valuable people but also to expand my knowledge on different research aspects related to my research field!
It is for the above mentioned reasons that I would highly recommend this event.