Modelathon 2017-Combining experimental and computational research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting

Second Modelathon
Day 1 Instructions for all participants Symposium on combining experimental and computation research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting  A dialogue between clinicians, engineers and modellers. Workshop organiser Professor Damien Lacroix, Chair in Biomedical Engineering, Insigneo Institute, University of Sheffield.  Our symposium on day-one explores how mult...

Modelathon Update – Don’t Forget to Register

The MultiSim Modelathon is drawing ever closer and if you haven’t registered yet, now is the time. The MultiSim Modelathon is based on the concept of hackathon events where different teams work on a challenging problem to ‘hack’ a computer code. Here there is no ‘hacking’ but ‘modelling’. Instead the teams will compete to solve a challenging multiscale biomechanical problem ...

Synchrotron: Lighting the Path to Improved Bone Imaging

The application that enabled the Insigneo team to win the 9 shifts of beam time was produced by; Professor Damien Lacroix, Dr Enrico Dall'Ara and Dr Yongtao Lu - funding was provided by Mambo: PIEF-GA-2012-327357, Mechanobio: ERC-StG-258321 and Diamond Light Source. Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron science facility, located at the Harwell Science and...