Bone remodelling in the mouse tibia is spatio-temporally modulated by oestrogen deficiency and external mechanical loading: A combined in vivo/in silico study

Graphical Abstract Understanding how bone formation and resorption are affected by several repeated periods of mechanical stimuli is important for developing personalised treatment plans for osteoporosis. In this study, the load-induced bone changes after the first and second week of mechanical loading was quantified for the first time in an animal model of osteoporosis. Co...

in silico Clinical Trials Featured on the Front Page of Wikipedia

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Today in silico clinical trials is featured on the front page of Wikipedia, which is the 7th most visited website in the world according to (as of 26/06/15). The article on in silico clinical trials is featured in the ‘Did you know…’ section with the response ‘…that in the future, virtual pharmaceuticals may be tested on virtual patients in in silico clinical trial...