Modelathon 2017-Combining experimental and computational research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting

Second Modelathon
Register for MultiSim's Modelathon 2017 an EPSRC funded symposium followed by a three-day modelling competition on combining experimental and computational research to reduce in vivo testing in a pre-clinical setting Date Monday - Thursday, 11-14 September 2017, Diamond Building, University of Sheffield Audience Researchers in biomechanics, computational modelling or image ba...

Modelathon 2016: Participants share their experiences

Registrations for Modelathon 2017 are now open!   The challenge explained At the 2016 Modelathon, participants were asked to design adequate footwear to prevent ulcers in the foot of a diabetic patient. The topic was inspired by a real life problem faced by people affected by diabetes type 2, who often suffer from these injuries and benefit from special footw...

An overview of our research in biomechanics and mechanobiology by MultiSim’s Director Professor Lacroix

Professor Damien Lacroix, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the MultiSim project, talks about his research into biomechanics and mechanobiology. His research through the MultiSim project, focuses on understanding the effects of mechanical stimuli on cells and tissues within the body. The vision of this project is to develop and research a modelling framewo...

The MultiSim Modelathon – A Pioneering Success.

Multisim Modelathon 2016
The MultiSim Modelathon brought together the brightest PhD and PostDoc researchers in the field of Multi-Scale Modeling and Biomechanical Engineering, from around the world, to compete in teams against one another to solve a complex Multi Scale Modeling problem. On a sunny Monday morning the brightest young minds in the field of Engineering from around the world descended ...

Discover Mag Features Modelathon

Discover MAgazine
Discover magazine opens the door to innovation and invention, inspiring future collaborations and celebrating existing partnerships. Discover has just released Issue 06 and features the Multisim Modelathon. The Modelathon is being held at the Ridge, Ranmoor Village, Sheffield and will run from Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th August 2015. There is set to be a great attendance at...

The MultiSim Modelathon is almost here!

There are only 10 days until the MultiSim Modelathon kicks off! Are you up to the challenge? Based on the concept of a 'hackathon', teams will compete in a 3 day ‘modelling’ event. The 3 challenges will be based on the subject of multiscale biomechanics within the musculoskeletal system and teams will have access to state-of-the-art techniques and software to help th...

The MultiSim Modelathon 24th – 26th August 2015

musculoskeletal, disorders, hip joint, MultiSIm
We have a limited number of spaces left for the MultiSim Modelathon - are you up to the challenge? The MultiSim Modelathon is based on the concept of a hackathon event where different teams work on a challenging problem to ‘hack’ a computer code. Here there is no ‘hacking’ but ‘modelling’. Instead the teams will compete to solve a challenging multiscale biomechanic...

Professor Damien Lacroix takes MultiSim Research to Japan

On Monday 23rd February 2015 MultiSim director, Professor Damien Lacroix, embarked on a 5 month visit to Kyoto, Japan, on to work alongside Professor Taiji Adachi. The trip will be highly beneficial for MultiSim research as it will enable Professor Lacroix to study multi-scale methods to further bridge the scale between cellular up to whole organism level. Professor Taij...

Modelathon 2015

Do you want to test your limits? Then the MultiSim Modelathon could be for you. The University of Sheffield is the proud holder of an EPSRC Frontier Engineering Award, namely MultiSim: Modelling Complex and Partially Identified Engineering Problems – Application to the Individualised Multiscale Simulation of the Musculoskeletal System. This ambitious programme aims to de...