MultiSim2 Launch

MultiSim2 Team and SAB
MultiSim2 Project Team and Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Left to Right:Dr Joel Mitchelson, Codamotion (SAB),Dr Richard Mead, Neuroscience, University of Sheffield (SAB),Dr Bryant Roberts, Oncology and Metabolism (Researcher),Prof Claudia Mazzà, Mechanical Engineering (Principal Investigator) ,Dr Xinshan Li, Mechanical Engineering (Co-Investigator),Dr Enrico Dall'ara, Oncol...

Linking Joint Impairment and Gait Biomechanics in Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Radar plot visualisation of the joint contact force and joint power parameters normalised using robust z score
Radar plot visualisation of the joint contact force and joint power parameters normalised using robust z score. * = bilateral group significantly different from mono-lateral; † = bilateral group significantly different from control. This study, carried out as part of the MD-PAEDIGREE project, combines medical resonance images (MRI) and motion capture analysis to produce perso...

Insigneo Team Visit Diamond Light Source

Beamtime on the Diamond Manchester Imaging Beamline (I13-2) was awarded to Dr Enrico Dall’Ara and Dr Bryant Roberts for proposal No: MG21628 “Assessing the individual and combined effects of parathyroid hormone (1-34) and mechanical loading on the micro- and nano-structural properties of murine cortical bone”. This study was partially funded by EPSRC MultiSim Grant: EP/K03877X...

Prenatal growth map of the mouse knee joint by means of deformable registration technique

Methodological Pipeline Joint morphogenesis is the process of development of the joint that starts before the birth. It is important to study joint morphogenesis in order to understand how it is related to musculoskeletal diseases and to optimise related interventions. In several cases the interventions are tested on animal models and the mouse pre-natal model is typic...

Image-based Kinematic Ankle Models for Children affected by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Image-based Kinematic Ankle Model This study, carried on as part of the MD-PAEDIGREE project, presents an innovative application for kinematic ankle models, used here to understand possible disease-specific gait patterns in children affected by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. The proposed methodology is based on the identification of the tibiotalar and subtalar axes from med...

Zainab Altai joins MultiSim as a researcher in musculoskeletal biomechanics

Zainab Altai Zainab Altai has recently joined the MultiSim project after completing her PhD at the Insigneo for in silico Medicine, under the Supervision of Dr Xinshan Lee, and has written about her time at Insigneo. "I got my MSc degree in Mechanical engineering from Almustansiriyah University in Baghdad. I won a scholarship, fully funded by the HCED in Iraq, t...

The MultiSim Modelathon – A Pioneering Success.

Multisim Modelathon 2016
The MultiSim Modelathon brought together the brightest PhD and PostDoc researchers in the field of Multi-Scale Modeling and Biomechanical Engineering, from around the world, to compete in teams against one another to solve a complex Multi Scale Modeling problem. On a sunny Monday morning the brightest young minds in the field of Engineering from around the world descended ...

Professor Damien Lacroix takes MultiSim Research to Japan

On Monday 23rd February 2015 MultiSim director, Professor Damien Lacroix, embarked on a 5 month visit to Kyoto, Japan, on to work alongside Professor Taiji Adachi. The trip will be highly beneficial for MultiSim research as it will enable Professor Lacroix to study multi-scale methods to further bridge the scale between cellular up to whole organism level. Professor Taij...

Modelathon Update – Don’t Forget to Register

The MultiSim Modelathon is drawing ever closer and if you haven’t registered yet, now is the time. The MultiSim Modelathon is based on the concept of hackathon events where different teams work on a challenging problem to ‘hack’ a computer code. Here there is no ‘hacking’ but ‘modelling’. Instead the teams will compete to solve a challenging multiscale biomechanical problem ...