The NC3Rs CRACK IT Challenges

The NC3Rs CRACK IT Challenges launch event to showcase the 2017 Challenges will take place on 7 September in central London. The Challenges   Challenge 26: “DARTpaths”: Mapping developmental and reproductive toxicity (DART) genes and pathways for cross-species comparison of toxic compound effects (Two Phase Challenge Sponsored by Shell and Syngenta). Challenge 27: “Do...

Collaboration with NC3Rs to reduce animal testing

University of Sheffield's researchers are trying to find ways to reduce animal testing in preclinical trials by using computer models and medical imaging. One application of this technology, also known as in silico methods, is to study the effect of skeletal diseases such as osteoporosis and its treatments.Using in silico methods, researchers conducted a longitudinal study o...

The University of Sheffield 3RS Symposium 2017

The University of Sheffield 3RS Symposium 2017   The University of Sheffield is hosting a 3Rs symposium on Wednesday 28 June co-organised by the NC3Rs (National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research). The aim of this event is to showcase the application of replacement, refinement and reduction (3Rs) to research u...