Ben Hughes

I studied network and systems engineering (CompSci) with the University of Lancaster. As a network and systems engineer I have provided a broad variety of services for organisations in the education, government and private technology sectors. Much of this work has been for highly-available industrial 'stacks' for Internet and specialised software. My passion is science a...

Prime Minister announces investment

Epsrc investment
The UK prime minister, David Cameron, has announced a major investment boost which will see the UK poised to take a world lead in structural dynamics research. The new investment will support the University of Sheffield to build one of the largest dynamic test facilities in the UK. The prime minister announced the new £4m investment from the Engineering and Physical...

Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan

Visakan Kadirkamanathan is a Professor of Signal and Information Processing in the Department of Automatic control and Systems Engineering. His research interest is statistical signal processing for the estimation of spatio-temporal and nonlinear models that can deal with uncertainties and imperfect data. He has applied them to problems in systems and synthetic biology, neu...