Zainab Altai joins MultiSim as a researcher in musculoskeletal biomechanics

Zainab Altai

Zainab Altai has recently joined the MultiSim project after completing her PhD at the Insigneo for in silico Medicine, under the Supervision of Dr Xinshan Lee, and has written about her time at Insigneo.

“I got my MSc degree in Mechanical engineering from Almustansiriyah University in Baghdad. I won a scholarship, fully funded by the HCED in Iraq, to do my PhD abroad. Although my background was in pure mechanical engineering, I was always interested in the medical field and wondered how I could combine my engineering background with my interest in medicine.  When I heard about the Insigneo Institute for in silico medicine and how it is one of the largest International group in the world, I knew that this was what I was looking for.

“When I started my PhD at Insigneo, I had the opportunity to join Multisim and be part of this large musculoskeletal biomechanics project. During the four years of my PhD at Insigneo, I worked with various disciplines in engineering and medicine. I met and networked with well-known people in the field through events, such as Insigneo showcase and Multisim Modelathon and I participated in many conferences across the world.

“I have now completed my PhD, entitled ‘Prediction of the Strength of Human Long Bone using CT based Finite Element Method’, which considered the finite element modeling approach to investigate fractures of human long bones in two different age groups; very young children (e.g inflicted fractures in infants) and adults (e.g osteoporotic hip fractures) and was featured in a press-release.

“After my PhD, I am continuing with Insigneo for another year, and will start my new position at the Multisim project as a research assistant in October 2018.


I would definitely recommend completing a PhD in Insigneo!”