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Michael Hounslow, PVC - Engineering, University of Sheffield
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Meet the team
Meet the team
Title Name Work Package Role E-mail
Professor Aleksandar PavicWP1 - Environment Modelling Leader
Dr Claudia MazzàWP2 - Body Model Director, WP Leader
Ms Erica MontefioriWP2 - Body Model Researcher
Dr Xinshan LiWP3 - Organ Model Leader
Ms Zainab Ak Al TaiWP3 - Organ Model Researcher
Dr Vee CheongWP4 - Tissue Model Researcher
Professor Tim SkerryWP5 - Cell Model Leader
Dr Aban ShuaibWP5 - Cell Model Researcher and Data Curator WP5
Dr Lingzhong GuoWP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Leader and Data Curator
Professor Visakan KadirkamanathanWP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Co-WP6 Leader
Dr Yang ZhangWP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Researcher
Dr Anastasia KadochnikovaWP6 - Nonlinear complex systems Researcher
Dr Enrico Dall’AraWP4 & WP7 - Animal Study Leader
Dr Bryant RobertsWP7 - Animal Study Researcher and Data Curator
Dr Sahand Zanjani PourWP7 - Animal Study Proof of Concept Researcher WP7
Professor Eugene McCloskeyWP8 - Clinical Study Leader
Dr Margaret PaggiosiWP8 - Clinical Study Research Leader and Data Curator
Dr Pinaki BhattacharyaWP9- Hypermodelling Framework Leader
Mr William GriffithsWP9 - Hypermodelling Framework Software Developer
Mr Ben HughesWP9 - Hypermodelling Framework Software/Hardware Support
Dr Norman Powell WP10 - Project Management Office Project Manager